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About Us

Pursuing excellence is like an endurance sport.  It takes toughness, perseverance and the willingness to go that extra mile. It is what makes a winner. And winners deserve recognition and acknowledgment of the kind that matches their calibre. Trophy is a testament to what we seek to celebrate the perfection in human endeavour. Think Celestiel.

With its unique Trophies, Medals and Badges, Celestiel is the brand of choice for those who seek to reward excellence. At Celestiel we are passionate about what we do and that comes out in our Trophies. Handpicked from the best in the world and lovingly crafted using the finest materials. Unlike other trophies, ours are easy to maintain and endure for years without losing their sheen and sparkle.

A picture can speak more than a thousand words.  But a trophy from Celestiel speaks volumes of what a person means to an organisation and the value he/she brings to it. It is a fitting tribute to the hard work that lies behind every triumph. It does not signify the end of aspiration but the fire of inspiration. And like the best victories, our trophies cannot be tarnished by time.

Celestiel trophies have much in common with those who win them. They are creative, innovative and world-class in quality.  Our in-house technology is cutting-edge and our passionate workforce has been part of our journey for 25 years. The commitment to excellence defines everyone at Celestiel. But above all, it is our passion and love for what we do that makes us really special.

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